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Yahoo's Flickr Censoship Exposed: Porn To Kids For Profit
By: Fed Up

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Social network exposes kids to porn and danger.

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Can anybody tell us why this is not an issue being discussed now? We can see why China doesn't want their people to see some of this content we are going to talk about here. Why is the US government so blind to what has been going on with Yahoo that warrants censoring and actually more? We believe that certain members of Yahoo management and the entire Flickr division staff should be arrested for gross negligence and public endangerment or at the very least deported. Legislation should then be written up or strengthened immediately to prevent this kind of corporate tragedy from occurring again. If Yahoo is going to get Chinese jounalists sent to jail just so they can get in good with that government, maybe some of them should be prepared to do a little hard time as well for their own crimes. Of course, we all know that would simply never happen. We're still going to keep talking about this, though. Until they censor us, again. They're probably already trying. We were banned from Flickr last year simply for questioning what's going on there and why, but we've talked about the dangers of uncensored publishing online at other venues long before that place was ever thought of. That will be discussed as well, eventually. We'll wait until more is revealed about Yahoo association with NSA data mining, their click-fraud boosted quarterly profits, and possible stock market manipulation through insider options and analyst pay-offs. By far though, the most chilling part of all this mess at this point is Yahoo's admitted involvement with the NSA. Chinese dissendents are just the beginning of this illegal international dragnet. How long before people start disappearing all over the world after being sent to secret military prisons via Yahoo to sit and rot indefinitely on no charges? It seems to be happening in Europe already with the CIA secretly flying suspects out daily. There should be a widespread panic right now over what is happening to all of our rights and freedoms as a direct result of Yahoo's actions. The irony of them pushing porn for profit and facilitating pedophiles while protecting their "privacy" is insulting enough. So is the abuse of our freedom of speech by claiming to be able to get away all this porn to kids without question for over a year. Flickr is an admittedly adult site whose most viewed and visited content is porn. Yet, no warning labels or compliance to US government 2257 laws exist there that are required of all other legitimate adult websites. How has Yahoo attained this status of being above the laws others must comply to?

This is one of the single most important stories today that still inexplicably remains untold to the world. It's the shockingly sad tale of Yahoo's intentional exposure of hardcore and even child pornography to thousands, probably millions of children for a year now on Flickr.com. Why? Just so they could develop their "censorware" to compete with Google in places like China and other oppressive nations. Possibly as secret military or CIA research as well, while facilitating unconstitutional surveillance by the NSA. That, and to covertly boost their Yahoo Ads sales by further utilizing the kids and others that hit these not very well hidden porn pages in the millions. We have tons of evidence to support all this and will be publishing it here if allowed, incuding hundreds of edited screen shots as well as e-mail communications with several of the companies and charity organizations that Yahoo duped and unwittingly involved in their crimes. None of it really seems to matter though, because the amazingly disturbing side of the story is how we tried all this time to bring attention to this grave problem by contacting hundreds of legal and media sources, none of whom ever actually acted on the issue in any sufficient manor, if at all. Meanwhile, children are being sexually assaulted and even killed by these monsters while Yahoo and others profit from feeding them fresh victims, who they also charge for this "service" of theirs. We see now as the truth has come out about sexual predators and pedophiles on myspace.com, that there's a serious problem here everybody has been ignoring for too long. Please read this, as it pertains to key issues in our society right now that concern us all. Freedom of Speech, Rights to Privacy, and even National Security as we've recently seen riots occur worldwide over much less of an atrocity, in our opinion. This constant flow of uncensored images being recklessly published by Yahoo is going to possibly get us all killed one day, let alone some poor innocent children doomed to the hands of the online pedophiles they profit from.

Check out more of this story, starting at the top of the comments here. Note that these lists of Flickr links have been edited down from thousands to fit on this page. Note also that results of these links may vary sporadically as Yahoo's Flickr sadly attempts to cover up their blatant crimes against children. Of course, there are thousands more that could of been posted here as well and will be if needed, every one of them. But we think the point has well been made about what's really been there all this time that Flickr has always claimed isn't a problem or at most one that will be dealt with at some ever moving, nonexistent future time. We are not here just to post Flickr-Porn in an attempt to titillate everyone. There are other websites that do that already, which further defines Flickr as an adult venue, pretending to be otherwise so they can have kids there as well to play their Never Ending Game of hide the porn.
http://xxx.flickrlicio.us/index.php (shut down)
We're here to expose the entire corrupt system there and the reasons Yahoo allows it to continue. Please open your hearts and minds to what we are trying to explain to all of you and be assured, our aim is very true and our concerns are extremely valid. We really can't understand why anybody would freely give all their personal information for "marketing purposes" to a company that openly admits sharing it with the NSA (or the next highest bidder) and exposes them to any given number of dangerous individuals seeking to harm women and children for fun and profit. If the government can comb through all our info looking for terrorists, why can't they find these registered pedophiles and perverts and get them away from the children Yahoo is feeding them? Guess they just want to hire all those creepy stalker types for Homeland Security. Could it be they are just watching and waiting for it to grow? This company is strangely allowed to continually host content which is outside the law, on Flickr and now on their newly aquired Webjay. Taking over social network peer to peer sites made popular in part for being outside of corporate control just to milk them dry is their game plan, it seems. Then, after they've made their money off these established havens for porn posters or MP3 and Video pirates, do they start turning them in one by one along with every suspected terrorist, who have also actually been under surveillance along with everybody else, for who knows how long? When was Able Danger? Military style data mining our personal information is old hat to these folks by now. It's frightening to imagine what they're really up to lately, spyware and spider-bots in your hard drive maybe? Or how about what's coming next from these evil geniuses, marketing based RFID tags in our children, nano-bots in our drinking water? Paranoid enough yet? Some of it may sound far fetched, but it's really not that far off base, given what we can clearly see as evident now. What we've already seen occurring to dissident bloggers and journalists in China is probably just the beginning unless we stop Yahoo immediately. From further perpetrating and eternally perpetuating what seems now to be beyond an Orwellian nightmare of this festering dystopia being nurtured and its pointless depravity that accompanies it. How far must it go before we awake?

Anybody who thinks this is a joke or farce should read this immediately,
We are very serious about this and extremely dedicated to our cause. We believe these children's innocence far outwieghs the selfish recreational entertainment of some thoughtless people who's own parents obviously didn't love them enough to care how they were raised, without any form of morals or ethic. It's painfully clear how these sad individuals crave the attention that wasn't given to them when they needed it most and that in turn, obliterates their own compassion for the sanctity of all youth now through this dehamunization. That precious virtue of our most valuable gifts especially outwieghs the sacred trade secrets of a corrupt company that will continually do these things despite how much we plead them to stop, even if they are working for the government. How long before any number of us start ending up in secret prisons by Yahoo's hands simply for things we say, being held without charges and possibly tortured for indefinite periods? Welcome to the ultimate in ad based spyware technology where you log in and kiss your rights, maybe even your whole life, goodbye. It appears we've traded everything for some free stuff which turns out, wasn't that free after all. If not for yourselves, act for the children.

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